EMR Awarded P855 Student Expeditionary Combat Skills BEQ, NCBC
Gulfport, MS

EMR was awarded an $18M contract at the Naval Construction Battalion Center (NCBC) in Gulfport, MS. The project will involve the design and construction of the P855 expeditionary combat skills student BEQ which will house 83 modules, each being comprised of a semi-private sleeping room, two walk-in closets, small service area including a micro fridge, one lavatory, private toilet room and a private shower stall with dressing area to be shared by two people. The dormitory will also include administrative areas, recreational rooms, vending, and more.

EMR Awarded Kinetic Kill Hardware-In-The-Loop Simultor (KHILS) Lab Renovations, Eglin AFB, FL

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has engaged EMR in a $5.5M contract on the Kinetic Kill Hardware-In-The-Loop Simulator (KHILS) Lab Renovations project at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. The sope of work includes renovations to the lab facility on the 1st floor. Additional work was bid on as well to renovate the 2nd floor and provide furniture, fixes and equipment to the 1st floor.

EMR Awarded Renovate Colmer Dining Facility, NCBC Gulfport, MS

EMR was awarded a $16.9M contract to renovate a dining facility at the Naval Construction Battalion Center in Gulfport, MS. Enhancements will be made to cold storage areas which will include expansion of the area. Improvements to electrical and mechanical systems will result in the replacement of HVAC, plumbing, sprinkler system, etc. Parking will also be updated along with some architectural changes, and a temporary kitchen facility will be put in place at a separate, near-by location to keep operations running smoothly until the project is completed.

EMR Awarded Enlisted Aircrew Training System Facility, NAS Joint Reserve Base, Fort Worth, TX

EMR was awarded a $9.8M contract to construct a new facility that will house an aircraft KC-130J flight simulator. The project will consist of a high-bay facility that provides covered, all-weather training environment support administrative spaces to support the Marine Corps flight simulator training program. The training system will include a Cockpit Procedures Trainer (CPT), Weapons System Trainer (WST), Fuselage Trainer (FUT), and an Observer Training Air (OTA) simulator. Site improvements include paving, parking, sidewalks, signage and environmental protection measures.

EMR Awarded BEQ 484 Water Intrusion Repairs, NSA Panama City, FL

EMR was awarded a $7M contract for the renovation of a 3-story housing facility with four wings and an enclosed courtyard. EMR will provide comprehensive repairs and modifications to the building shell, fire exits and associated interior. Furthermore, EMR will bring existing fire protection & life safety up to current codes, and follow the latest ATFP requirements, the Systematic Water Intrusion, and the latest interior room requirements for UH and NGIS.

EMR Awarded DLA Disposition Paved Scrap Storage Yard, Eglin AFB, FL

EMR was awarded a $3.7M contract for the DLA Disposition Paved Scrap Storage Yard. Within the current storage yard, work will include site regrading, paving and construction of the stormwater retention area in order to provide suitable work areas and compiant groundwater discharge to adjacent waterways.

EMR Awarded Addition/Alteration to Commissary, NAS Pensacola, FL

EMR was awarded a contract with the magnitude of construction between $10M and $25M which includes upgrading the existing Commissary. Construction will include modernizing commissary equipment and improve efficiency and operational requirements in order to better align with current DeCA standards. Construction will include work on an administrative area, produce department, meat department, dairy department, frozen food section, deli/bakery, operational support area and staging/receiving areas. The project will also incorporate the use a refrigeration system.

EMR Awarded Terminal Engagement Center (TEC), Eglin AFB, FL

EMR was awarded a $4.2M contract to construct a Terminal Engagement Center Facility, 8,284 sf concrete foundation, steel studs, exterior insulated foam core metal wall panel and standing seam metal roof. Facility will include Office Spaces, Optics Labs, Behavior Room, Histology Area, Conference Rooms, Break Area, Restrooms, Storage, Mechanical, Electrical and Communication Rooms. Supporting facilities include parking, lighting, utilities, walkways, and fire suppression. Project is designed IAW DoD Minimum Antiterrorism Standoff Distances UFC 4-010-01, barrier free design IAW DoD ABA Accessibility Standards. Project is located at Eglin AFB, FL.

EMR Awarded Renovate Building 18-C to SCIF/SAPF Standards, Eglin AFB, FL

EMR was awarded a $5M contract for the complete interior renovation of a 15,000 sf facility known as building "18-C", which was originally the dining hall and administrative support spaces for Dormitory 18. The existing facility is a cast-in-place (CIP) reinforced concrete post & beam structure with concrete masonry unit (CMU) infill walls. The roof is a low-slope membrane-surface that is relatively new, existing to remain and beyond the scope of this project. This project will produce a new Special Access Program Facility in full accordance with referenced regulations.

EMR Awarded Multiple Award Construction Contract, TN/MS/FL Panhandle Area, NAVFAC Southeast

EMR was awarded a multiple award, competitive 5-year Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity MACC for TN, MS and FL Panhandle Area. Program value is $99M, with individual task orders estimated to range from $4M-$20M. Construction projects to be performed will primarily consist of general building type projects (new construction, renovation, alteration, demolition, repair work, and any necessary design) including: industrial, airfield, aircraft hangar, aircraft traffic control, infrastructure, administrative, training, dormitory, community support facilities, and both vertical and horizontal construction.

EMR Awarded Design-Build P723 Corry Station A-School Unaccompanied Housing, NAS Pensacola, FL

EMR was awarded an $18M contract to design and construct new Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (BEQ). The new building will be connected to adjacent Building 1094 – the two building lobbies connected with a covered walkway system with entry access to each. The BEQ will also include a lobby/reception area, a TV room on each floor, a common laundry on each floor, a first floor vending room, bulk storage rooms, clean and dirty linen storage rooms, office spaces will be replaced with 2+0 - NETC rooms, break rooms and vending space on each floor. Each 2+0 NETC room will include space for a two-person bedroom, a bath, two closets, cabinet with sink, under cabinet refrigerator, and a microwave oven. The total building area is 69,858 sf.