Bid List and Awarded Projects

EMR is currently accepting bids for the following projects. If you are interested in bidding a project, please select ‘Request Access’ beside the project name and reference the project in the email. Once we have received your request, we will send project access information.

Bidding and Pending


PH2 USAC MATOC Fort Moore ARNG WTC Administrative Building (Submit by 07.23.24) Request Access

NAVFAC NAS JRB NOLA Communications Facility Addition and Renovation (Submit by 07.29.24) Request Access

AAFES Eglin AFB Duke Field New Express with Gas Station (Submit by 07.30.24) Request Access

Eglin Bravo Apache Testing (Submit by 08.02.24) Request Access


NAVFAC NAS JRB Fort Worth F35 DSP/LRS Mobility Warehouse (Pending) Request Access

USACE Fort Gordon Repair B24 Series Barracks (Pending) Request Access


PH2 USACE MATOC Eglin AFB Airman Leadership School Facility AWARDED Request Access

NAVFAC Keesler AFB Cyber Processing Facility AWARDED Request Access

NAVFAC NAS Mid-South Demo Facilities AWARDED Request Access

NAVFAC NAS Corpus Christi CNIC 1281 Demo Facility AWARDED Request Access

NSA Panama City Repair B147 AWARDED Request Access

NAVFAC Corry Station Pensacola NEX Renovation AWARDED Request Access

NAVFAC MCLB Albany Military Working Dog Kennel AWARDED Request Access

Eglin BRAVO Camp Compound B AWARDED Request Access

FL ANG Jacksonville F35 Flight Simulator Request Access

NAVFAC Keesler AFB Aeromedical Evacuation Training Facility AWARDED Request Access

USACE Eglin AFB Shock Applied Impact Lab AWARDED Request Access

USACE Eglin AFB Wildcat Test Facility AWARDED Request Access

USACE Fort McClellan DB DHS Building 78 Dormitory Renovation AWARDED Request Access

MCAS Beaufort SC P457 Cryogenics Facility AWARDED Request Access

NAVFAC DB Hurricane Sally Recovery 7A, B646 and B4149 NAS Pensacola AWARDED  Request Access

Patrick AFB FL Relocate Main Gate AWARDED Request Access

USACE PH2 Tyndall AFB DB Zone 5 Maintenance Shop and Storage Areas AWARDED Request Access

Eglin AFB Munitions Maintenance Facility and Igloos AWARDED Request Access

Tyndall AFB Design And Construct Commercial Gate Complex  AWARDED Request Access

Tyndall AFB Design and Construct Flightline Munitions Storage, 7000 Area  AWARDED Request Access

USACE ERDC Vicksburg MS Target Assembly Expansion  AWARDED Request Access

USACE Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway Management Center AWARDED Request Access

USACE Eglin Vehicle Inspection Facility Haul Road  AWARDED  Request Access

NAVFAC Barksdale AFB Munitions Storage Area Utilities  AWARDED  Request Access

USACE Tyndall AFB TELMOC Building 503 Renovation AWARDED Request Access

NCBC Gulfport P855 Student Expeditionary Combat Skill Student BEQ AWARDED Request Access

USACE Duke Field SOF Simulator Facility AWARDED Request Access

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