Q4 Repairs to Corry “A” School BEQs 3707 and 3708

Location: Corry Station, NAS Pensacola, FL
Client: NAVFAC Southeast

EMR received the task order to renovate Buildings 3707 and 3708 at Corry Station (52,500 square feet), which is the Navy’s Center for Information Dominance (technical training center). These buildings are part of a complex built in 1975 that consists of 10 buildings, 3701 through 3710. Buildings 3707 and 3708 house 192 “A” School students. Building 3707 is a three-story Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (BEQ) providing (49) 2+0 Quarters with 98 berths. Similarly, Building 3708 has three stories and provides (47) 2+0 Quarters with 95 berths. 

The project included the interior demolition and renovation of each building to accommodate the Navy layout for the 2+0 BEQs. The interior partitions were reconfigured to meet the program space requirements and have new interior finishes. Modifications were made to the exterior brick and stucco façade for the installation of new doors and windows. A new walkway was added on three sides of each building to allow access to the quarters from both sides of the building. The existing stairs were replaced with freestanding stair towers to meet current code requirements. A new structural framing system was built to support the new walkways and a new sloped standing seam metal roof was constructed. The renovation required structural modifications, installation of HVAC, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and security systems.

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