Replacement of Runway 19 Approach Lighting

Location: Eglin AFB, FL
Client: Department of the Air Force

The replacement of runway approach lighting at Eglin AFB Runway 19 included new pilings, concrete caps, light towers, approach lights, electrical controls, a wood access walkway on timber piles, and wetland impact mitigation. The project also required the shutdown of Eglin’s main runway, Federal Aviation Administration permitting, design of pile-supported temporary access bridges, design and installation of temporary crane access, design of traffic diversion, and precision demolition of the existing system.¬†

Since the existing approach lighting system was constructed in 1969, the creosote-coated timber pile-supported structures had outlived their lifespan. EMR was to replace the existing rotted system with a concrete-supported structural steel tower system that should last another 50 years.

EMR installed (55) 18-inch x 18-inch concrete piles, (16) 16-inch x 16-inch concrete piles, 32 timber piles, 570 linear feet of timber access walkway, and 480 linear feet of temporary access, including a steel bridge strong enough to hold an 85-ton crane. We poured 11 concrete caps to support the new approach towers. Each tower contained approximately 21 cubic yards of concrete, 22 feet of specifically designed hurricane-rated support towers, and a 20-foot frangible fiberglass mast that is designed to break in the event of an errant aircraft collision.

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